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Municipal Law

Municipal Law

Under increasing pressure posed by state and federal government mandates and insufficient available funding, cities and public agencies must balance budgets, manage competing interests and serve their constituencies. Meeting all these needs requires a high level of regulatory and legal knowledge and experience, as well as public relations and political finesse.

Over 465 cities, counties, housing authorities, successor agencies and joint powers authorities rely on Best Best & Krieger LLP (BBK) for comprehensive, cost-effective counsel. BBK attorneys help clients successfully maneuver through legal complexities and governmental directives, enabling them to focus on providing superior service to their communities. 

Comprehensive, Cost-Effective Service 
BBK Municipal Law attorneys advise on all matters involving city services, operations, administration and regulation. These include:

City Attorney Services

Public Finance

Government Affairs

Labor & Employment

Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Public Contracts, Public Works, Utilities & Infrastructure

Police & Public Safety

Planning, Development & Real Estate Issues

Advocacy and Litigation
Unlike other firms, which focus on either lobby and advocacy or city services guidance, BBK has extensive experience assisting clients in both areas. Working closely with our Government Affairs and Litigation teams, we advocate for clients before legislative and regulatory bodies, and assert and defend their interests in courts at all levels. This integrated approach enables clients to rely on just one firm to meet all of their city services and advocacy needs. 

Election Law Toolkit Now Available

A comprehensive and user-friendly manual with all the tools, resources and forms local elections officials and city clerks need to conduct California municipal elections.

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