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Clients rely on Best Best & Krieger LLP (BBK) for our broad and deep understanding of telecommunications law, and our knowledge of communications business and technology, to provide them with comprehensive counsel on cutting-edge issues and traditional concerns, to anticipate problems and to provide proactive, timely and innovative solutions.

BBK attorneys are leading and trusted advocates and advisors for local public agencies on all aspects of telecommunications law, supporting clients over the life of issues, including: 

  • Federal policy advocacy and litigation to protect local authority and consumer rights 
  • Advice on implementing local rules to comply with new federal and state regulations 
  • Defense of local decisions in court

We also provide clients with insights and guidance to pursue broadband grants and projects, and negotiation of strong agreements that control industry use of public rights-of-way and public property and structures for their networks including: 

  • Cable franchises
  • Cell site leases/licenses
  • Street light license agreements
  • Fiber and conduit leases.

Our practice is as varied as the communications business and regulatory frameworks that govern them.

  • Our transactional work includes representing local governments in negotiations with industry players seeking cable franchises, right-of-way use agreements,  leases and licenses to use streetlights or public land for wireless sites, and to use fiber and conduit. We also represent some private property owners in their lease negotiations with industry participants.
  • Our policy work includes advocating at the Federal Communications Commission and Congress and before state utility commissions and state legislatures to protect local government regulatory authority and to obtain funding for local communications projects.
  • Our regulatory work includes advising local governments on the scope of their authority to regulate broadband, cable, telephone, and wireless infrastructure deployments, emerging technologies, and companies, and to assist them with exercising that authority in a timely and legally defensible manner. This work includes drafting updates to local codes, application forms, and standards, advising staff and decision-making bodies on processing individual applications and attending public hearings.
  • Our litigation work includes both challenging FCC actions in court to rein in federal overreach and defending local regulations and actions in response to industry and applicant challenges.

During the past three decades, we have guided hundreds of localities throughout the U.S. to successfully meet every imaginable industry and regulatory challenge related to regulation of broadband, cable, wireless and telephone services, emerging communications technologies and business models, and to pursue project opportunities in their communities.

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