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Business Licensing & Franchising

Today’s increasingly complicated fiscal landscape has cities nationwide searching for ways to secure sufficient revenue to fund and manage programs that meet constituents’ needs. Clients rely on Best Best & Krieger LLP (BBK) for advice on securing the maximum local business license and franchise revenues to which they are entitled under the law.

BBK Business Licensing & Franchising attorneys work extensively with our city and county clients to ensure that they impose, collect, and maintain business license taxes and fees in compliance with applicable law. We regularly assist in setting tax/fee rates, processing exemptions, establishing collection policies and audit procedures, and in reviewing refund claims. When it comes time to propose a business license tax increase, BBK attorneys can guide it through the local election process (which may be required under California’s Proposition 218).

City and county clients also look to BBK for advice with their franchise law issues, including cable television, water, electricity, oil, gas, and solid waste franchises. Additionally, the team is well-versed in drafting franchise agreements and negotiating franchise disputes and challenges brought by investor-owned utilities. 

Our goal is to help cities and counties get the most out of their business licensing programs and franchises.


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