Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO)

When LAFCOs consider proposals for city and special district formations or boundary changes, they must balance service efficiencies, and housing and economic development needs with competing interests in preserving natural resources.
As a recognized leader in public agency law and representation, Best Best & Krieger LLP brings wide-ranging knowledge and experience addressing the issues impacting LAFCOs and LAFCO matters affecting other agencies.
Actively involved in developing and reviewing legislation and evaluating its impact on LAFCOs, we regularly advise our clients on the complex and frequently changing laws pertaining to local government. Our firm is general counsel to the San Bernardino, Orange, Merced, Santa Clara, Marin and El Dorado LAFCOs and the California Association of LAFCOs. We also serve as special counsel to the Los Angeles and Marin LAFCOs. Through our extensive experience, we know how LAFCOs operate and are well-versed in LAFCO law, enabling us to effectively represent LAFCOs, as well as cities, counties, special districts and other public agency clients on LAFCO-related issues.
Unmatched Experience
BB&K offers an insider’s perspective on the Cortese-Knox-Hertzberg Local Reorganization Act of 2000. We have served on task forces for legislative cleanup, for adoption of municipal service review guidelines, and to modify and clarify the revenue neutrality statute and other CKH provisions related to incorporations.

Comprehensive Service
From CKH compliance through policy adoption/implementation, we provide dynamic solutions to the legal challenges our clients face. Our comprehensive, cost-effective legal services include:

Additionally, we assist with municipal service reviews and conducting authority proceedings, as well as advise regarding spheres of influence; new district formation or incorporation and disincorporations; organization change requests including city and special district annexations, consolidations, detachment, dissolution and other reorganizations; joint powers agreements; and property tax exchange agreements.

Areas of Focus: Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) | Municipal Law | Special Districts
Areas of Focus: California Public Records Act | Government Policy & Public Integrity | Municipal Law | Public Agency Labor & Employment | Public Agency Litigation | Special Districts
Areas of Focus: Economic Development, Real Estate & Affordable Housing | Election Law | Government Policy & Public Integrity | Public Contracts & Construction
Areas of Focus: Environmental Law & Natural Resources | General & Special Counsel | Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) | Municipal Law | Public Contracts & Construction | Special Districts
Areas of Focus: Economic Development, Real Estate & Affordable Housing | Election Law | Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) | Municipal Law
Areas of Focus: California Public Records Act | Economic Development, Real Estate & Affordable Housing | Government Policy & Public Integrity | Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) | Transportation
Areas of Focus: California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) | Environmental Law & Natural Resources | Environmental Litigation | National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)
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