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14 Feb 2024

On September 13, 2023, BBK hosted an all-day fee summit to address the legal and practical implications California public agencies should consider when striving to raise revenue for capital and operating needs. The discussions were structured around a fictional public agency’s comprehensive planning for a proposed expansion, driving the need for significant new capital improvements, revenues, and financing. Specifically, the Fee Summit addressed:

  • Rate setting under Proposition 218
  • Environmental implications for setting rates and planning for capital projects
  • Considerations for serving areas outside of the agency’s current boundaries
  • Bullet-proofing the record and dealing with litigation risk
  • Working with general counsel
  • Public finance solutions to fund expansion

To understand the complexities and challenges beyond the procedural requirements and limitations related to rate setting, the recordings from each session of BBK’s Fee Summit are available now. Click here to view. 

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