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Board Governance & Administration

School systems today are under more scrutiny than ever before to provide educational results in a manner that ensures public transparency and accountability. 

Best Best & Krieger LLP (BBK) attorneys serve as trusted advisors to our educational clients, guiding them through the full range of issues governing boards and administration face, from day-to-day operational issues, personnel decisions and student-related challenges to budget and management concerns, as well as those of the public.

With decades of experience working with public and private educational institutions, school districts, colleges and universities, BBK attorneys provide timely, comprehensive and strategic counsel, training, and solutions to the problems our school leaders confront in their schools and communities. We help optimize client performance, overcome governance and administrative challenges, assure legal and regulatory compliance, and instill public confidence. 

Proactive Guidance
BBK attorneys use a proactive approach to identify risks and establish best practices that help our clients avoid problems, whenever possible. We also help our clients establish, implement and enforce compliance policies, procedures and programs, and provide training to assure transparency, accountability and efficiency.

Comprehensive Services
We advise educational institutions and school district clients on all board governance, public policy, ethics and administration-related matters, including:

  • The appropriate roles and responsibilities of governing board members, superintendents, and district administration
  • Ralph M. Brown Act (open meeting laws) requirements
  • Political Reform Act and other conflicts of interest laws
  • Financial conflict of interests under Government Code section 1090
  • California Public Records Act
  • California Voting Rights Act
  • Board policy and administrative regulation development and revision
  • Campaign and election requirements and procedures
  • Legislative updates, presentations, trainings, and advocacy
  • Parliamentary procedures
  • State Board of Education waiver requests
  • School safety and law enforcement issues
  • Government relations
  • Audit proceedings
  • Teacher and school accreditation, certification, qualification, and licensing
  • Hiring, firing and disciplinary issues
  • Codes of conduct and ethical considerations
  • Complaint investigations and grievance handling
  • Workplace harassment and discrimination matters
  • Board/employee/union relations
  • Public relations

BBK attorneys also assist with internal reviews, compliance audits and provide crisis management services, and represent clients before courts, government agencies and regulatory bodies, asserting and defending their practices and resolving disputes when they arise.

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