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Intellectual Property

A company’s name, brand and goodwill are among its most important assets. Enhancing their value and assuring their protection are often critical to business success.

Applying decades of experience and creativity, Best Best & Krieger LLP’s (BBK) Intellectual Property attorneys assert, defend and effectively resolve copyright and trademark infringement claims and related matters in and out of court. From cease and desist letters through aggressive litigation, we protect our clients’ goodwill, brands and valuable IP and often find ways to defuse claims without resorting to litigation. 

Our attorneys help clients secure, optimize, leverage and protect their IP assets. We handle trademark and copyright registrations, renewals, oppositions and cancellations, and advise on IP development, acquisition, sale, licensing and use. We also help clients establish best practices to protect IP and prevent unfair competition and improper use of trade secrets and other proprietary information.

Comprehensive Services
BBK IP attorneys negotiate technology, software and other IP licensing, acquisition and sales agreements, and are highly experienced in protecting a wide variety of IP assets, including technology, artistic works, musical instruments, business and product names, logos and other images and slogans.

Internet Law, Domain Name Registration and Protection, and e-Commerce 
Blending business acumen with technology, e-commerce, IP knowledge and experience, we advise clients on legal issues in the internet arena, protect domain names through registration and resolve domain name disputes when they arise. We have successfully prosecuted complaints before the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and the National Arbitration Forum and advise on internet-based business issues and transactions involving IP rights in digital and global markets. 

Global Assistance 
We advise on global protection strategies, coordinate foreign registrations and oversee enforcement efforts to combat piracy and counterfeiting. 

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