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With over four decades of experience, Best Best & Krieger LLP Partner Jeff Chang helps employers and plan fiduciaries make the most of their employee benefit plans. A member of the Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation practice group, Jeff represents government agencies, nonprofits, businesses, tax-exempt, non-ERISA and church clients. One of the most experienced employee benefits attorneys in California, he works closely with his clients to understand their organizations, their benefits strategies and whether their current plans and vendors are well-suited to their objectives.
More than 150 public agencies work with Jeff to analyze their opportunities and obligations under CalPERS, the California Employees’ Pension Reform Act of 2013, the County Employees Retirement Law and their 457(b) and 401(a) plans. Because California’s local agency plans are not subject to ERISA, Jeff spends much of his time explaining the special rules that apply to “governmental” retirement plans. Jeff regularly shares his insights on California public sector benefits in his blog. Jeff has published the blog, Focus on Public Benefits, for approximately 10 years.
Previously a shareholder at Chang Ruthenberg & Long, which he founded in 1989, Jeff’s roots in the legal and academic communities run deep. He has taught qualified retirement plans and deferred compensation courses in the Masters of Taxation program at McGeorge School of Law and is a charter fellow of the American College of Employee Benefits Counsel, which has recognized Jeff for his significant contributions to the employee benefits field. He has been regularly included on the Best Lawyers in America and Northern California Super Lawyers lists for his contributions and successes in the field.
Jeff served as chairman of the IRS subcommittee of the American Society of Pension Professionals and Actuaries Administration Relations Committee, as co-chair of the ASPPA Government Affairs Committee and on its board of directors. He previously served on the Executive Committee of the California State Bar Taxation Section and is the founder of the Section’s Employee Benefits Committee.

Jeff provides counsel on the following:

  • Governmental Retirement Plans - CalPERS, ’37 Act, county plan, PEPRA, 457, 401(a), pick-ups, 414(h), cost-sharing, deferred compensation, 415(m), defined benefit pension and defined contribution
  • Governmental Welfare Plans - OPEB, retiree health, vacation, PTO, PEMHCA, HRA, RHRA, 125, cafeteria and post-employment benefits 
  • Taxation - constructive receipt, assignment of income, hardship distribution, SECURE Act, CARES Act, Social Security, replacement plan, employment status, worker classification and independent contractor
  • Plan Administration - administrative service agreements, recordkeeping agreements, group annuity, stable value fund, California fiduciary rules, participant-directed investment, plan administrator, 3(38), investment advisor, Brown Act and administrative committee 
  • General: California Rule, vested rights and trust agreements
  • Private Sector Plans: 401(k), 401(a), defined benefit pension, defined contribution, cash balance, 403(b), top hat, executive deferred compensation, tax deferred annuity, multiemployer pension, multiple employer plan, plan correction, EPCRS, VCP, DFVCP and VFCP 
  • Church Plans: lay employees plans, priest pension plans, nonqualified plans, 401(a), money purchase pension, defined benefit pension and defined contribution
  • Helped several cities and special districts “correct” their noncompliant retirement and welfare plans to preserve favorable tax treatment for employees.
  • Helped local agencies analyze the pros and cons of terminating their participation in CalPERS.
  • Assisted a large public agency with negotiation of recordkeeping and administrative services agreements for its 457(b) and 401(a) plans and achieved a fair and reasonable allocation and balancing of respective obligations and potential liability.
  • Advised employers on the adverse tax consequences and potential restructuring of certain paid time off and vacation policies, enabling them to avoid ongoing exposures to various taxes and penalties.
  • Applied for and obtained IRS private letter rulings regarding the tax treatment of certain retirement benefit and retiree health benefit provisions in collective bargaining agreements so that the employer would be able to properly report such amounts.
  • Advised labor and businesses co-counsel with respect to employee benefit plan and withdrawal liability issues in connection with several sales and acquisitions of businesses and commercial real estate holdings in a manner that allowed important benefits issues to be surfaced while not delaying the closing of the transaction.
  • Helped plan fiduciaries to analyze and understand the various fees and expenses being charged with regard to the recordkeeping and investment of their plans, which enabled them to renegotiate and save their plans significant amount of fees.
  • Advised both private sector and public sector plan fiduciaries on ways to manage and control their fiduciary liability.
  • Advised several religious organizations on plan design and administration issues in connection with the designation of beneficiaries under their non-ERISA plans.
  • Helped several employers to analyze, design and implement retirement plans for targeted groups of employees, enabling the targeted employees to receive the tax advantages of a qualified retirement plan.
  • Advised numerous public agencies on their ability to modify retiree health benefits and potentially reduce significant amounts of liability.
  • Advised an organization with respect to its status as a “governmental plan” sponsor under the Internal Revenue Code and ERISA.
  • Advised numerous public agencies on compliance with the Public Employees’ Pension Reform Act of 2013.
  • Advised public sector employers with respect to opting out of Social Security, their Social Security replacement plans and their section 218 agreements.
  • Drafted section 115 trusts for public agencies and obtained IRS letter rulings on the tax status of the trusts.
  • The Best Lawyers in America®, Employee Benefits (ERISA) Law, 1995–2017, 2019–2024
  • Northern California Super Lawyers, Employee Benefits, 2004, 2006–2022
  • Sacramento Magazine Top Lawyers, Employee Benefits Law, 2017–2018
  • Martindale-Hubbell® AV Preeminent™ Rated
  • American College of Employee Benefits Counsel, Charter fellow
Professional & Community Involvement
  • California Lawyers Association Public Law, Labor and Employment and Taxation sections
Thought Leadership


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University of California, Davis School of Law
University of California, Berkeley
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