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Compensation & Benefits for Elected Officials

Structuring compensation and benefits for elected officials is particularly complex. It involves both state and federal law compliance, and errors can have serious implications for the officials.

Best Best & Krieger LLP (BBK) attorneys blend federal and state tax law knowledge with extensive experience representing public agencies and addressing benefit issues, making BBK ideally suited to advise on compensation and benefit offerings for elected officials. Our services include:

  • Advising on timing and amount of compensation
  • Identifying and eliminating the possibility of excess compensation
  • Evaluating whether benefits are included or excluded from salary limitations
  • Identifying permissible benefits that can be offered
  • Serving as a buffer between staff and elected officials when difficult advice must be conveyed
  • Determining whether retiree health benefits may be offered to elected officials
  • Distinguishing between retired and former elected officials for purposes of determining eligibility for retiree benefits

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