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Audits & Investigations

When enforcement agencies call for a pension plan audit or investigation, public sector employers turn to Best Best & Krieger LLP’s (BBK) Audits & Investigation professionals for advice and effective solutions.

Through decades of practice, BBK attorneys have built trusted and effective working relationships with CalPERS, the IRS, the Employment Development Department (EDD), and other agencies responsible for audits and investigations. We understand the ins and outs of their processes and procedures and guide clients at every step of the process to ensure smooth communication and effective workflow with involved agencies. 

BBK Audits & Investigations attorneys regularly advise clients regarding:

  • CalPERS’ public agency compliance reviews into membership, enrollment, compensation reporting and other issues 
  • IRS audits of public sector employers regarding federal employment taxes and retirement plan compliance
  • EDD state employment tax audits

Our goals when working with clients are:

  • Reducing the number of CalPERS, IRS and EDD Audit Observations
  • Reducing clients’ liability by eliminating audit risks
  • Developing alternative resolution methods to ensure compliance while reducing adverse impacts to public agency clients and their employees

BBK’s Proactive Pre-Audit Services
To help public employers conduct internal investigations of their own, BBK offers proactive pre-audit services. We assist clients with reviewing their internal policies, practices, and procedures to ensure they comply with applicable laws and limit the clients’ liability and vulnerability.

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