Audits & Investigations

When enforcement agencies call for an audit or investigation, public sector employers feel confident turning to Best Best & Krieger LLP for help.
Our lawyers have extensive experience in effectively and favorably resolving audits and investigations conducted by CalPERS, the IRS, the Employment Development Department and other agencies. Through decades of practice, we have established close and effective working relationships with these agencies. We know the ins and outs of the process and how to achieve winning results for our clients.
We advise on CalPERS’ public agency compliance reviews into membership, enrollment, compensation reporting and other issues, IRS audits of public sector employers regarding federal employment taxes and retirement plan compliance, and EDD state employment tax audits.
Our team provides guidance at every step of the process to ensure smooth communication with the agency involved and to facilitate reasonable correction, if necessary, of any issues that arise in the course of an audit or investigation.
We also offer proactive pre-audit services, applying our extensive legal and practical experience to help public employers conduct internal reviews of their policies, practices and procedures to ensure they comply with applicable laws and to limit their vulnerability and potential liability in the event of an audit by a regulatory agency. With deep insights into the inner workings of these agencies, particularly at CalPERS and the IRS, we offer our clients real, practical guidance that results in substantial savings in costs and staff time.


Public Sector: Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation

We provide public employers with strategic counsel and advice on a variety of employee benefit issues. Learn more about all of our benefits, pension and compensation services for public agencies:

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