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Law360 recently highlighted Best Best & Krieger’s recall trial win on behalf of the County of Shasta. The “How They Won It” column acknowledges BB&K’s success in fending off a recall group’s attempt to extend the deadline for gathering signatures in its effort to oust several county officials.

With less than one week to prepare for trial and no pretrial discovery, “BB&K focused first on picking apart the declarations submitted by Recall Shasta, the anti-COVID-19-lockdown group behind the case, and arguing that the group hadn't properly demonstrated that exceptional circumstances prevented them from collecting the necessary signatures,” the article states.

BB&K Partner Chris Pisano, who led the trial team, told Law360 that the group took a two-pronged approach to make the most of its limited time. The first was to line up witnesses for counter declarations. The team then argued that the legal standard was extremely high and a deadline extension in a recall effort would require truly exceptional circumstances.
One of the things they “zeroed in on right away was they [Recall Shasta] never offered proof as to how many signatures they actually had," Pisano said.
The judge ruled from the bench to keep the same deadline.
BB&K’s summary of this client success can be found here. Law360 Pulse subscribers can access the full text of the column here.

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