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Coronavirus Relief Fund Deadlines for California Cities and Counties

Certification Form Must be Submitted by July 10; Expenditure Report by Sept. 1

Coronavirus Relief Fund Deadlines for California Cities and Counties

The Coronavirus Relief Fund, as with other federal and state funds, are accompanied by requirements and stipulations. California cities and counties that did not receive a direct allocation from the U.S. Treasury need to be aware of, and meet, the State’s fast-approaching deadlines to receive CRF funding and comply with all mandatory reporting requirements.
The first step in receiving a direct CRF allocation from the State is to submit an application called “Certification for Receipt of Funds” to the Department of Finance. The deadline for submission is Friday. Allocations will be made in installments, with the first allocation being 1/6 of the total disbursement. Further allocation amounts and their timing will be posted on the Department’s website.
Per the “Certification for Receipt of Funds,” the State requires recipients to submit a report on their expenditures, a summary on their regional collaboration and a summary of their non-duplication efforts no later than Sept. 1.
The State believes cities and counties will use the CRF monies to reimburse themselves for qualifying expenditures made between March and now. Therefore, most or all of the allocation is expected to be spent by Oct. 30. An extension may be granted for unspent funds to cities and counties by the Department of Finance on a case-by-case basis, depending on their reported expenditures to date. Any funds that will not be spent are to be returned to the State by Oct. 30.
Read more about CRF in Coronavirus Relief Fund Dollars for California Municipalities and Counties.
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