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Broadband Funding Sources
(November 14, 2021)


Emergency Broadband Program
Applications Filing Ongoing

Emergency Connection Fund
Awaiting FCC Determination as to Additional Funding Window

Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds

Lead Federal Agency/Department

Federal Communications Commission
Emergency Broadband Benefit Report and Order
Resource Page

Federal Communications Commission
Emergency Connectivity Fund Report and Order

Treasury Department
Interim Final Rule, Fact Sheet, Compliance-and-Reporting-Guidance

What does the program do?

Funds available to households that meet certain needs categories for a $50 per month subsidy for a broadband connection from an EBB program certified provider.
In infrastructure bill, the program is renamed “Affordable Connection Fund” and monthly rate is reduced to $30 a month, but funded with additional $14.2 billion.

Program is built on the existing E-Rate program that provides reimbursement of expenses associated with bringing advanced services to schools and librarians.  Congress expanded the program to allow funds to be used to bring services to student, faculty and library patrons at locations other than schools or libraries.

Nothing to extend or fund ECF in Infrastructure bill

American Rescue Plan provides funding directly to local governments,  providing citizens assistance to pay for internet services and digital appear an eligible expense. (p. 33 of Report)
Investments in broadband. Infrastructure that is scalable to 100 Mbps symmetrical for unserved or underserved areas are also eligible.

How much?

$3.2 billion – Additional $14.2 billion

$7.17 billion Could receive an additional $300 million if Reconciliation is adopted

Look to your community’s allocation here

Status on funding?

Program went live May 12, 2021. Explanations and links for details and providers.
Fact Sheet  EBB enrollment & spending dashboard.

Eligible equipment or services purchased after March 1, 2020 can be reimbursed. First application window covers requests for funding for purchases between July 1, 2021 and June 30, 2022.

First tranche of funding was received from Treasury on May 12, 2021. The second half will be no sooner than May 2022.

When does funding lapse?

Until exhausted or 6 months after end of pandemic per HHS.

Until exhausted or September 30, 2030

December 31, 2024

Who is eligible?

Funding to eligible user for up to $50 per month ($75 on tribal land) for connection and $100 for device with $10-$50 copay.

Entities that are eligible under E-Rate program – Schools and Libraries

Money is sent directly to local government.

Are funds available for construction?


Likely no or limited

Yes, upon demonstration of the non-availability of wireline service of 25/3 speed.




COVID-19 Capital Projects Fund
Treasury Rules and Deadlines

Connecting Minority Communities
Notice of Funding Opportunity

Tribal Broadband Connectivity Fund
Notice of Funding Opportunity

Promote Broadband Expansion

What does the program do?


to carry out critical capital projects that directly enable work, education, and health monitoring, including remote options, in response to the public health emergency.

Pilot program to provide grants to Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), Tribal Colleges and Universities (TCUs) and Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs) to expand access to broadband and digital opportunity in their communities.

$1 billion dollar program directed to tribal governments to be used for broadband deployment on tribal lands, as well as for telehealth, distance learning, broadband affordability and digital inclusion.

Competitive grant program  to support public (state or local gov’t) and private provider offering fixed broadband of 100/20 Mbps likely in rural area that can demonstrate greatest cost efficiency and while providing broadband service to the greatest number of households in an eligible service area
Application Released 

How much?

$10 billion

$285 million

$1 billion

$288 million

Lead Federal Agency





Status on funding?

Application Window Opens:

  • Sept. 24 for States/Territories
  • Oct. 1 for Tribes

First Date to Request Funds:

  • Dec. 27 for States/Territories
  • June 1, 2022 for Tribes

NTIA released the final rule on June 15, 2021. A Notice of Funding Opportunity will be published in the future with funding deadlines and more detail.

NTIA is crafting rules and applications now (May 2021) and holding workshops

NTIA is crafting rules and applications now (May 2021) and holding workshops. The next Broadband Infrastructure webinars will be held on June 9 and 10.

When does funding lapse/application due?

Deadline for Application:

  • Sept. 24, 2022 for States/Territories
  • Open for Tribal

Application deadline is December 1, 2021

Application was due on September 1, 2021

Application was due on August 17, 2021

Who is eligible?

States, territories, freely associated states and Tribes.
(see documents linked above for definitions)

See above and NOFA

Tribal Governments

State and local government in partnerships with private provider.

Are funds available for construction?





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