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Best Best & Krieger LLP Managing Partner Eric Garner said in a recent interview that creating and protecting a “one-firm culture” and strategic growth were his top priorities when he became managing partner in 2005. The benefit of each can now be seen in the firm’s exceptional client service.
“I focused on leading the effort to connect the offices both culturally and operationally…” Eric told Thomson Reuters. “Externally, the biggest benefit has been in client service and client service efficiency. When a firm grows from one or two offices to 10 offices, coordination is key. Clients depend on their outside counsel to give them advice without reinventing the wheel. When a client calls us with a pressing issue, we have the technical and work processes that allow us to reach out across all our lawyers to get the best advice quickly and efficiently.

“Internally, the one-firm culture provides more energy around camaraderie and team focus. As the law becomes ever more complex, that teaming is ever more crucial. The benefits of it can’t be overstated,” added Eric, who was selected to be featured in the first installment of On Leadership, a new monthly column published by Thomson Reuters featuring conversations with law firm leaders.
Eric was also asked about leading BB&K through the current COVID-19 pandemic. “Because there is no playbook for managing in a global pandemic, I have let the firm’s culture be my guide. Great lawyering and client service are what we want to provide, so supporting that — technologically and in every other way — is number one,” Eric said.

Read the entire interview in Thomson Reuters’ On Leadership, published April 8.

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