Government Policy & Public Integrity

Facing intense public scrutiny, media attention and regulatory oversight, government entities, public officials and those doing business with the government must do more than simply comply with public integrity standards, applicable laws and regulations. They must command public respect and build trust by promoting integrity, transparency and fairness in all of their dealings. 

Unrivaled Experience
With decades of experience advising on government relations and ethical considerations, Best Best & Krieger LLP’s Government Policy and Public Integrity group provides government policy guidance and compliance counsel to public entities, officials and agency managers, as well as charities, nonprofits and private businesses, including those in regulated industries.

The team includes former prosecutors, government attorneys and regulatory officials who not only possess an insider’s perspective of regulatory and legal nuances, but have also earned the respect of government decision makers, enabling us to offer unrivaled representation and advice. 

Comprehensive Service 
As all levels of government adopt, reexamine and strengthen ethical and accountability standards, aggressively pursuing and prosecuting violators, our attorneys offer timely, comprehensive and strategic advice, training and solutions, helping instill public confidence in our clients’ decision-making processes and assuring legal and regulatory compliance. Our services include: 

  • Establishing best practices and providing customized training programs for managers, staff and elected officials on their compliance efforts
  • Developing ethics codes and sustainable ethics and compliance processes 
  • Reviewing current policies, practices and procedures
  • Advising on anti-fraud programs and controls 
  • Detecting noncompliance, investigating alleged misconduct, assessing and managing ethical issues and compliance concerns 
  • Assuring ethical business conduct and compliance with public integrity statutes, including the Political Reform Act, the Brown Act, the Public Records Act and Government Code 1090, and federal, state and local election laws 
  • Representing clients before courts, government agencies and regulatory bodies, including the Fair Political Practices Commission, as well as asserting and defending their interests in government investigations, administrative hearings and litigation 
  • Handling internal reviews, compliance audits and providing crisis management
  • Reporting on significant statutory and regulatory developments
  • Advising on government relations issues, gifts to public officials, lobbying and candidate support and finance, as well as conflicts of interest matters
  • Monitoring corporate compliance with the terms of government settlements

BB&K is helping public agencies navigate Public Records Act compliance with our new Advanced Records Center. Combining legal know-how with cutting-edge technology, ARC provides comprehensive and cost-effective support for all records-related matters, including PRA requests. To learn more, visit the ARC page or email

Areas of Focus: Charters & Internal Organizations | General & Special Counsel | Government Policy & Public Integrity | Municipal Law | Public Agency Litigation
Areas of Focus: Economic Development, Real Estate & Affordable Housing | Government Policy & Public Integrity | Municipal Law | Police & Public Safety | Special Districts
Areas of Focus: California Public Records Act | Government Policy & Public Integrity | Municipal Law | Public Agency Litigation
Areas of Focus: Business | Business Litigation | Labor & Employment | Labor & Employment Litigation | Public Agency Litigation | Public Contracts & Construction
Areas of Focus: ARC: Advanced Records Center | California Public Records Act | Government Policy & Public Integrity
Areas of Focus: Education Law | Eminent Domain | General & Special Counsel | Government Policy & Public Integrity | Municipal Law | Special Districts
Areas of Focus: Environmental Law & Natural Resources | General & Special Counsel | Government Policy & Public Integrity | Municipal Law | Special Districts | Water
Areas of Focus: Bankruptcy | Government Policy & Public Integrity | Municipal | Public Agency Litigation | Renewable Energy
Areas of Focus: General & Special Counsel | Government Policy & Public Integrity | Health Care | Labor & Employment | Municipal Law | Public Agency Litigation | Public Contracts & Construction
Areas of Focus: California Public Records Act | Government Policy & Public Integrity | Municipal Law | Public Agency Labor & Employment | Public Agency Litigation | Special Districts
Event Apr 08, 2021

Public Records, Social Media, Redistricting and More

City Clerks Association of California's 2021 Annual Conference

Press Releases Apr 01, 2021

JD Supra Recognizes BB&K Attorneys With 2021 Readers’ Choice Awards

Construction Law Top Author and a Top-Read Tax Article

Press Releases Mar 30, 2021

Latino Leader Worth Watching: BB&K Partner Ruben Duran

Municipal Law Attorney Recognized by Profiles in Diversity Journal

Legal Alerts Mar 22, 2021

Are Virtual Public Meetings Here to Stay?

Three New Bills Could Make Permanent Changes to Public Meetings

Legal Alerts Mar 19, 2021

Disclosing Law Enforcement Personnel Records

The Intersection Between Brady Lists, Pitchess Statutes and SB 1421

Free Webinar Feb 18, 2021

2021 Public Records Act Legislative Update

BB&K Free Webinar

Authored Articles & Publications Feb 01, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions About New Social Media and Open Meeting Laws

BB&K’s HongDao Nguyen and Albert Maldonado Answer Public Officials’ Questions on AB 992 on the CSDA Blog

Authored Articles & Publications Jan 20, 2021

Public Record Costs

Director of PRA Services and e-Discovery Counsel Christine Wood Discusses National Lawyers Guild v. City of Hayward in Sacramento Magazine

Legal Alerts Jan 19, 2021

Elected Officials Entitled to Some, Not All, Public Agency Records

Access Depends on if Record Request is from “Elected Official” or “Member of the Public”

Legal Alerts Jan 07, 2021

California Public Records Act Update

New CPRA Case Law and Legislation for 2021

Legal Alerts Jan 06, 2021

Court Confirms FPPC's Authority to Punish Public Agencies That Spend Undisclosed Public Money to Influence Voters at Elections

California Trial Court Rules on Campaign-Related Public Spending

Legal Alerts Jan 06, 2021

New Laws for 2021

Bills and Court Decisions Impacting Public Agencies and Businesses in the New Year

Legal Alerts Jan 05, 2021

New Public Agency Laws on Safety, Finance, Contracting and More

Part 1: New Laws Impacting California Public Agencies for 2021

Authored Articles & Publications Dec 28, 2020

Partner Jack Clarke Honors Colleague John Brown

Riverside Lawyer Magazine Feature on Brown, the Krieger Meritorious Service Award Winner

Legal Alerts Dec 17, 2020

Taxpayer Actions Can be Used to Challenge Government Contracts Even After Contract Completion

California Court of Appeal Decision in School District Case Applies to Public Agencies

Legal Alerts Nov 30, 2020

FPPC Finds Potential Conflict of Interest Based on Elected Officials’ Spouses’ Positions

The Spouses Work at Health Care Facilities that Compete with Project Under City Council Consideration

Legal Alerts Nov 16, 2020

CPRA Requesters Could Pay Agency Costs to Store Emails

Requesters Must Post an Undertaking if Public Agency Will Suffer Certain Damages During Injunction Proceedings

Press Releases Nov 05, 2020

BB&K’s 2021 Best Law Firms Rankings Include New Tier 1 Recognitions

Annual U.S. News & World Report and Best Lawyers List

Legal Alerts Oct 27, 2020

Mobile Billboard Ordinance that Exempts Certain Vehicles is a Content-Based Regulation

Such Regulations are Subject to Strict Scrutiny, Ninth Circuit Rules

Authored Articles & Publications Oct 20, 2020

Public Officials' New Social Media Open Meeting Law

California's AB 992 Analyzed in PublicCEO by BB&K's HongDao Nguyen and Albert Maldonado

Free Webinar Oct 15, 2020

AB 1234 Ethics Training (Oct. 15, 2020)

BB&K Workshop via Webinar

Legal Alerts Sep 21, 2020

AB 992: Open Meeting Laws and Social Media

New California Law Addresses Prohibition on Serial Meetings on Social Media

BB&K Webinar Sep 16, 2020

The Brown Act: The People’s Business and the Right to Access

BB&K Workshop via Webinar

Press Releases Sep 15, 2020

D.C. Litigator Lisa A. Bell Joins BB&K Labor & Employment Practice

Former Senior Counsel and Trial Attorney in the D.C. AG's Office

Press Releases Sep 11, 2020

BB&K Attorney Nicholaus Norvell Named a Top 40 Under 40 in San Diego

San Diego Daily Transcript Recognizes Young Professionals

Authored Articles & Publications Sep 01, 2020

City Officials Must Be Neutral & Unbiased

PublicCEO Article Examines California Precedent-Setting Bias Tainting Decision

Event Aug 27, 2020

WRCOG Webinar: Navigating Virtual Governance and the Brown Act in a COVID-19 Climate

Western Riverside Council of Governments

Press Releases Aug 20, 2020

36 BB&K Attorneys Recognized on The Best Lawyers in America List for 2021

Three Named “Lawyers of the Year” and One Included on “Ones to Watch” List

BB&K Webinar Jul 16, 2020

Case Study: California Public Records Act Lessons from the Sukumar Case

BB&K Workshop via Webinar

BB&K Webinar Jul 15, 2020

AB 1234 Ethics Training (July 15, 2020)

BB&K Webinar

Legal Alerts Jun 25, 2020

FPPC Regulation Clarifies Officials' Duty to Publicly Identify Financial Conflicts at Meetings

Regulation Revision Clarifies Duty Applies Despite “Partial Absences”

BB&K Webinar Jun 18, 2020

Distinguishing Personal and Public Records

BB&K Workshop via Webinar

Authored Articles & Publications Jun 10, 2020

E-Discovery and Public Records Lessons from California Supreme Court

BB&K's Annie Loo Provides Analysis in Association of E-Discovery Certified Specialists Blog

BB&K Webinar Jun 04, 2020

A Review of National Lawyers Guild v. City of Hayward's Impact on the California Public Records Act and Video Records

BB&K Free Webinar

Legal Alerts Jun 04, 2020

Jurisdiction Over CPRA Cases Not Limited to Courts in the County Where Records are Situated

A California Appellate Court Draws a Distinction between the Power of a Court to Rule —“Jurisdiction”— and the Proper Place for a CPRA Suit —“Venue”

Legal Alerts May 29, 2020

California Supreme Court: Government Cannot Charge Fee to Redact Police Body Camera Footage

California Public Records Act Provision Permitting Public Agencies to Charge for “Extraction” Analyzed

BB&K Webinar May 21, 2020

AB 1234 Ethics Training (May 21, 2020)

BB&K Webinar

BB&K Webinar May 20, 2020

Best Practices for Handling a Surge in CPRA Requests Post-COVID-19

BB&K Free Webinar

Legal Alerts May 13, 2020

Court Decision on Bias Tainting a City Council Vote Now Precedent-Setting in California

Legislative Body Members Must be Neutral and Unbiased to Vote on Matters

Event May 11, 2020

CLA's Open Meetings and Open Records Digital Conference 2020

California Lawyers Association

BB&K In the News Apr 29, 2020

Partner Michael Maurer Discusses Virtual Planning Meetings During COVID-19

California Planning & Development Report Covers Open Meeting Law Changes

Legal Alerts Apr 24, 2020

New Public Records Act Opinion Considers Extent of Trade Secret Privilege

Drug Company’s Mandatory Release of Price Increase May Compromise Privilege, Permitting Disclosure Under the CPRA

Legal Alerts Apr 20, 2020

Records Disclosure and Retention When Working Remotely

How COVID-19 Stay Home Orders Impact Government Records

Legal Alerts Apr 08, 2020

Local Government Has an Important Interest in Adjudicating Zoning Disputes

Ninth Circuit Dismisses Case Brought Against Alameda County for Zoning Requirements

BB&K Webinar Apr 07, 2020

BB&K Workshop: Reviewing and Amending a Conflict of Interest Code

BB&K Webinar

Legal Alerts Apr 06, 2020

California’s Voter Participation Rights Act Does Not Apply to Charter Cities

Appellate Court Takes on “Home Rule” in City of Redondo v. Alex Padilla

Legal Alerts Apr 03, 2020

Public Records Requests During COVID-19 Crisis

California Public Agencies Struggle with CPRA Compliance

Event Apr 01, 2020

Keeping Local Government Open Through Social Distancing

Institute for Local Government

BB&K Webinar Mar 26, 2020

Electronic Records: Considerations for Public Agencies to Ensure State Law Compliance

BB&K Free Webinar

Legal Alerts Mar 26, 2020

Takings Claim Fails on “Ripeness” Grounds

Ninth Circuit Decision in Apartment-Condominium Conversion Program Dispute

Legal Alerts Mar 23, 2020

California Governor Issues New COVID-19 Executive Order Impacting Local Government

Addresses Open Meetings, Delivery Ordinances, Working After Retirement and Government Claim Deadlines During Coronavirus Pandemic

Legal Alerts Mar 18, 2020

Update: Calif. Open Meeting Requirements Under COVID-19

Governor Issues New Executive Order Excusing Physical Location Requirements for Public Comment and Observation for Public Meetings

Legal Alerts Mar 12, 2020

COVID-19 and Open Meeting Laws

California Governor Issues Executive Order Cancelling Large Gatherings and Suspending Certain Portions of the Brown Act

Press Releases Mar 10, 2020

Six BB&K Attorneys Named San Diego Top Lawyers 2020

San Diego Magazine’s Annual List

Legal Alerts Feb 27, 2020

Election Void for Being Held on Improper Day, Court Holds

California Appellate Court Invalidates Water District Board Election

Legal Alerts Feb 26, 2020

Determining a “Super Majority” When Council Members are Missing

California Appellate Court Looks to Local Ordinance’s Intention for Determination

Authored Articles & Publications Feb 12, 2020

PublicCEO: BB&K Municipal Law Team Discusses New Public Agency Laws - Part 1

Elections, Public Safety, Surplus Funds and More

Legal Alerts Feb 11, 2020

Another SB 1421 Decision Against Law Enforcement Agencies

Police Records Must Be Disclosed Even if Created or Officer Employed By Different Agency, California Appellate Court Says

Legal Alerts Jan 28, 2020

“Home Rule” Authority and Local Police Involvement in Immigration Enforcement

California Appellate Court Says Charter City Cannot Block California Values Act

Videos Jan 21, 2020

[WEBINAR] Exploring the CPRA’s Investigatory Privilege

BB&K Webinar

Legal Alerts Jan 16, 2020

California Public Records Act Case Law Update

Part 2: New CPRA Laws for 2020

Legal Alerts Jan 15, 2020

California Public Records Act New Legislation

Part 1: New CPRA Laws for 2020

Legal Alerts Jan 15, 2020

New Laws 2020 Roundup

New Public Agency, California Public Records Act, Education and Labor & Employment Laws

Legal Alerts Jan 08, 2020

New Housing & Land Use, Local Government and Public Contracting Laws

Part 2: California Laws Impacting Public Agencies for 2020

Legal Alerts Jan 07, 2020

New Election, Conflict of Interest, Firearm and Cannabis Laws

Part 1: California Laws Impacting Public Agencies for 2020

Legal Alerts Jan 03, 2020

Only a Contracting Party May Sue Under Government Code Section 1092

Calif. Supreme Court: San Diegans for Open Government v. Public Facilities Financing Authority of the City of San Diego

Press Releases Jan 02, 2020

Eight BB&K Attorneys Promoted to Partner

Additional Changes at Firm Reflect Growth, Diversification

Legal Alerts Dec 20, 2019

FPPC Updates Materiality Standards

Amendments Adopted for Public Official Decisions Related to Nonprofit Gifts and Personal Financial Effects

BB&K In the News Dec 03, 2019

Illinois Bribery Scandal Draws Comparisons to Calif. Ethics Rules

BB&K's Gary Schons Interviewed by The Associated Press

Legal Alerts Dec 03, 2019

Single Contractor Not Precluded from Providing Both Design and Construction Services

Case Provides Valuable Guidance for Public Agencies Wanting One Contractor for Two Phases

Authored Articles & Publications Nov 27, 2019

Record Disclosure Obligations for California Police

BB&K's Christine Wood Gives Updates on AB 748 and SB 1421 in PublicCEO

Press Releases Nov 01, 2019

BB&K Achieves High Marks in “Best Law Firms” Rankings for 2020

U.S. News-Best Lawyers in America Annual List Recognizes Many of the Firm’s Premier Practice Areas

Legal Alerts Oct 28, 2019

AB 571 Sets Default Candidate Contribution Limits for City and County Offices

FPPC Will Enforce Limits

Legal Alerts Oct 24, 2019

When Public Opinion Surveys Become Reportable Expenditures Under the Political Reform Act

FPPC Advises When Public Agencies Can Survey Voters and Disseminate Results

Legal Alerts Oct 09, 2019

LAPD, ACLU Reach Settlement in Public Records Act Lawsuit

LAPD Agrees to Requirements Significantly Beyond the CPRA

Legal Alerts Oct 04, 2019

New “Source of Income” Materiality Standard

FPPC Adopts Amended Regulations (Part 2)

Legal Alerts Oct 03, 2019

New “Materiality” Standard for a “Business Entity”

FPPC Adopts Amended Regulations (Part 1)

Authored Articles & Publications Oct 02, 2019

Best in Law: Political Speech Restrictions

Business’ First Amendment Rights and Government Participation

Legal Alerts Sep 12, 2019

Political Reform Act’s Ban on Public Money for Campaigns Upheld

Calif. Appellate Court Strikes Down SB 1107

Authored Articles & Publications Sep 10, 2019

CPRA: The Only Constant is Change

ARC’s Christine Wood Discusses Calif. Public Records Act Updates in Riverside Lawyer Magazine

Legal Alerts Sep 05, 2019

Citizens’ Initiative Power Cannot Intrude on Public Agency’s Express Authority

Initiatives that Would Change County Government Structure Not Allowed, Calif. Appellate Court Rules

Authored Articles & Publications Jul 31, 2019

President’s Twitter Use a Cautionary Tale for Public Officials

BB&K’s Christine Wood and HongDao Nguyen Discuss Social Media and 1st Amendment in PublicCEO

Legal Alerts Jul 16, 2019

President Trump Can’t Block Twitter Users, U.S. Appellate Court Rules

The court concluded its opinion with an observation that at this time in history, “wide-open, robust debate” is the best assurance of good government

Videos Jun 17, 2019

[WEBINAR] Update: Social Media Meets the First Amendment

BB&K Webinar

BB&K In the News May 21, 2019

State of the City Addresses Sponsorships and Open Meeting Laws

BB&K’s Michael Jenkins Interviewed About State of the City Event Best Practices by The Coast News Group

Event May 08, 2019

2019 City Attorneys’ Spring Conference

League of California Cities

BB&K In the News Apr 17, 2019

Partner Ruben Duran Gives Ethics Training to Public Officials

Benito Link Reports on LULAC Workshop

Legal Alerts Apr 11, 2019

California Court of Appeal Publishes Opinion Requiring Release of Police Personnel Records Under SB 1421

Decision is Binding on All Trial Courts in the State

Press Releases Apr 09, 2019

BB&K Appointed Palm Springs City Attorney

Honored to Continue Legal Relationship and Serve

Legal Alerts Mar 25, 2019

Simultaneous Federal and State Court Actions on Code Violations?

Ninth Circuit Says Yes… In Rare Instances

Legal Alerts Mar 25, 2019

Your Special District Must Have a Website — and it Should be ADA Compliant

California’s SB 929 Imposes New Requirements

Press Releases Mar 21, 2019

BB&K Attorneys Serving on LCC City Attorneys Committees

Including Cannabis Regulation, Legal Advocacy and Municipal Finance

Press Releases Mar 18, 2019

Six BB&K Attorneys Named Top Lawyers in San Diego

Annual List Based on Martindale-Hubbell Ratings

Legal Alerts Mar 06, 2019

No Committee Exception to Brown Act Public Comment Requirement for Special Meetings

California Appellate Court Decision in Preven v. City of Los Angeles

Legal Alerts Mar 04, 2019

FPPC Wants Authority to Enforce Misuse of Public Funds for Campaign Activity

Seeking Legislation to Amend Political Reform Act

Legal Alerts Feb 26, 2019

Attorney-Client Privilege Successfully Argued by City in PRA Case

California Appellate Court Decision Says Even a Judge Can’t Review Privileged Records

Legal Alerts Feb 12, 2019

Public Agency Access to Data Does Not Make Data Disclosable Under PRA

California Appellate Court Ruling in Anderson-Barker v. Superior Court of Los Angeles County

Legal Alerts Feb 11, 2019

First Court Ruling on Merits of SB 1421

Police Unions’ Argument to Block Release of Pre-2019 Records Found “Legally Unmeritorious”

Authored Articles & Publications Feb 08, 2019

Open Secrets: Police Records and the PRA

BB&K’s Christine Wood and Alexander Brand Go In-Depth on SB 1421 in Los Angeles Lawyer Magazine

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