BB&K In the News May 21, 2019

State of the City Addresses Sponsorships and Open Meeting Laws

BB&K’s Michael Jenkins Interviewed About State of the City Event Best Practices by The Coast News Group

Is it a Brown Act violation to charge the public to attend a state of the city address? Best Best & Krieger LLP attorney Michael Jenkins discussed this question with The Coast News Group for an article about how these events are often sponsored by local chambers of commerce and private businesses. Mike, who serves as city attorney to West Hollywood and Hermosa Beach, said there was nothing illegal about these sponsorship arrangements. However, he said, it is illegal to charge the public to attend.
“It is generally regarded as a co-sponsored event. It isn’t unusual for cities and chambers to collaborate to enhance economic development, to increase tourism, to enhance sales and transient occupancy tax revenues, to attract needed retail services, etc.,” Mike told the newspaper. “All of those activities serve a legitimate municipal purpose. So, while the event may take different forms, it is common for the two entities to collaborate on a State of the City.”
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