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BB&K Partner Isabel Safie Helps the San Bernardino County Spelling Bee Buzz On

Watch How the Bee Came to Be in a Public Television Documentary

BB&K Partner Isabel Safie Helps the San Bernardino County Spelling Bee Buzz On

It was fitting that the winning word in the 2019 San Bernardino County Spelling Bee was “coalition.” Spelled correctly by Champion Austin Leong of Serrano Middle School in Montclair, “coalition” is the perfect description of how the event came to be. After a one-year hiatus of the Spelling Bee in San Bernardino County, a coalition of sponsors, including Best Best & Krieger LLP, ensured students had the opportunity to participate in this prestigious competition.
BB&K Partner Isabel Safie lead the charge by securing the San Bernardino Community College District as the head sponsor for the 2019 County spelling bee and getting a commitment from the San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools to step in as head sponsor in 2020 and beyond. From that point on, a steering committee comprised of dedicated members of the community, including Isabel along with District and SBCSS representatives, worked tirelessly to ensure that the competition would be a complete success on March 16.   
Isabel also served as one of three judges at the competition.
“The experience was unbelievable. It was emotionally taxing because I was part of a three-member team making the call on whether a competitor spelled a word correctly — but it was incredibly fulfilling,” Isabel said. “It was harder than I anticipated. Nonetheless, it was such a rewarding event!”
Learn more about how the Spelling Bee came to be in a mini documentary by KVCR.
Read more in this article by the San Bernardino Community College District, posted on Medium.

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