Press Releases Oct 19, 2018

BB&K Receives CALAFCO Associate Member of the Year Award

Recognized for Contributions to the Agency and the LAFCOs it Serves

BB&K Receives CALAFCO Associate Member of the Year Award

For Immediate Release: Oct. 19, 2018
Media Contact: Denise Nix • (213) 787-2552 •
YOSEMITE, Calif. —  Best Best & Krieger LLP is honored to receive the California Association of Local Agency Formation Commission’s Associate Member of the Year Award. The Award was announced at a reception during the CALAFCO Conference Oct. 4 in Yosemite.
According to CALAFCO, the Award is given to the associate member “who has advanced or promoted the cause of LAFCOs by consistently producing distinguished work that upholds the mission and goals of LAFCOs, and has helped elevate the roles and mission of LAFCOs through its work.”

BB&K was nominated by seven LAFCOs. “Since virtually the dawn of CALAFCO time, this associate member firm has been a critical partner for the Association as well as several LAFCOs,” CALAFCO said in its announcement.

The firm’s continual sponsorship and presenter roles at CALAFCO conferences, workshops and attorney roundtable sessions are among the activities for which BB&K was honored. CALAFCO acknowledged BB&K’s contributions to CALAFCO white papers, state guidelines and special reports on LAFCOs. BB&K attorneys have also served on the CALAFCO legislative committee and provided legal services to its Board since 1982.

“Many LAFCOs benefit from conversations with one of this firm’s attorneys about a complicated legal issue, a technical interpretation of the Act, or a complex legislative proposal.  Furthermore, this firm’s LAFCO attorneys often bring in colleagues with expertise on related issues (water law, eminent domain, contracts) which otherwise would not be available to the LAFCO community, and they do so willingly and at no cost,” CALAFCO said. BB&K’s “commitment to the principles and ideals of LAFCO and the mission of CALAFCO is unwavering,” it added.

Actively involved in developing and reviewing legislation and evaluating its impact on LAFCOs, BB&K regularly advises clients on the complex and frequently changing laws pertaining to local government. Through extensive general and special counsel experience to LAFCOs, BB&K’s attorneys know how LAFCOs operate and are well-versed in LAFCO law, enabling us to effectively represent LAFCOs, as well as cities, counties, special districts and other public agency clients on LAFCO-related issues.


Best Best & Krieger LLP is a national law firm that focuses on environmental, business, education, municipal and telecommunications law for public agency and private clients. With more than 200 attorneys, the law firm has 10 offices nationwide, including Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Diego and Washington, D.C. For more information, visit or follow @BBKlaw on Twitter or @BestBestKrieger on Facebook.

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