BB&K In the News Jul 26, 2017

Will DirecTV Joint Employer Case Be Aired at Supreme Court?

There’s a Split in the Circuit Courts, BB&K Attorney Thomas O’Connell Told Bloomberg BNA

Will DirecTV Joint Employer Case Be Aired at Supreme Court?

The U.S. Supreme Court may weigh-in soon on whether an employee who is hired by a contractor is a joint employer. Best Best & Krieger LLP Thomas O’Connell, who filed a brief to the Supreme Court on behalf of the International Franchise Association, American Hotel & Lodging Association, Asian American Hotel Owners Association, Coalition of Franchisee Associations, and Restaurant Law Center in DirecTV LLC and DirectSat USA, LLC v. Marlon Hall, et al. and its companion case Salinas v. Commercial Interiors, Inc., was interviewed by Bloomberg BNA about whether the High Court will review.
“It’s not just a small split among the circuits,” Thomas said. “Each circuit has various differences.”

The original article, posted July 24, 2017, is no longer available on Bloomberg BNA.

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