BB&K In the News Jul 24, 2017

Why Some California Counties Are Saying No to Commercial Cannabis

Cities Have Options Under the Law, Partner Jeffrey Dunn Told The Recorder

Following the passage of Proposition 64, which legalized recreational marijuana use in California, cities throughout the state are taking a “cautious approach” when it comes to regulations, according to an article posted July 13 by The Recorder.
Best Best & Krieger LLP Partner Jeffrey Dunn, in an interview with the legal newspaper, discussed the uncertainties that exist for cities in the wake of the law — including issues related to public safety, taxes and fees and zoning and other regulations.
“What we’re really looking at here fundamentally is this new state law that hasn’t entirely been worked out,” Jeff said.
“There are all these unanswered questions,” he continued. “Sure, a few cities are worried that if they don’t allow [marijuana businesses], then maybe the city next door will. But I don’t think that’s causing anyone to change their mind.”
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