Client Successes Mar 30, 2017

Art Museum Can Proceed Following BB&K CEQA Victory

Court Strikes Down Challenges to City’s Approval of Pomona College Master Plan Update

Art Museum Can Proceed Following BB&K CEQA Victory

The City of Claremont, represented by Best Best & Krieger LLP, was handed a complete victory in an environmental challenge to the City’s approval of Pomona College’s master plan update, which includes constructing a new art museum. The Los Angeles Superior Court decision, handed down in February, clears the way for Pomona College’s new museum of art that will serve students, the community and visitors.
After hearing oral arguments by BB&K Partner Alisha Winterswyk, Judge John A. Torribio found that the City’s environmental impact report was in compliance with California Environmental Quality Act. He also rejected arguments that the City did not consider alternative locations for the museum, noting that the rule of reason applies and an EIR need not consider all possible alternatives. Torribio was also critical of the petitioners for failing to raise all their arguments at the administrative level and for arguing issues in its briefs that it did not bring up in its original petition.
“I supported the museum because I believe it will not only bring the colleges and city together, it will also highlight our shared history of working together for the arts and education of the entire community,” Claremont Mayor Sam Pedroza told The Student Life newspaper.
The case is Citizens to Save College Avenue v. City of Claremont, BS163235

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