BB&K In the News Nov 17, 2016

Drought Policies, Price of Water Lands in Court

Hillsborough, Represented by BB&K Attorney Kimberly Hood, Faces Suit from Residents

A group of Hillsborough residents is suing the town over water rate hikes during the drought. Best Best & Krieger LLP attorney Kimberley Hood, representing the town, told the San Mateo Daily Journal: “I think agencies are trying to do the best they can to recoup their costs of service while complying with Prop. 218 and also trying to deal with an unprecedented period of drought.”

“The goal is just to make sure that you’re covering your cost of service and it’s always been clear since Prop. 218 that you can’t be making a profit,” she said. “But the courts have allowed some flexibility in how they [cover costs].”

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