Authored Articles & Publications Feb 28, 2019

Aquifer Management Success

In the Water International Journal, BB&K Managing Partner Eric Garner Identifies Factors for Groundwater Sustainability

Aquifer Management Success

California contains groundwater basins that are internationally known for being critically overused and [others for being] successfully maintained. In an article published in the Water International journal, Best Best & Krieger LLP Managing Partner Eric Garner, an experienced water law attorney, examines how understanding the differences between California aquifers - and how they have and have not been managed - provides key information for “improving the effectiveness of aquifer management efforts worldwide.” The article, “Factors Identifying Aquifers with a High Probability of Management Success,” published in February, compares and contrasts aquifers in California and around the world and identifies factors that have been integral to successful management efforts.
The article is available for download here.

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