Event Apr 19, 2018

Cell Tower Zoning & Placement: Navigating Recent FCC Changes


This course will review the current state of the law governing the placement of wireless facilities, with a particular emphasis on recent federal actions that may require localities to change the way in which they review applications for placement of wireless facilities on and off the rights of way. Best Best & Krieger LLP partners Joseph Van Eaton and Gerard Lederer will discuss some of the approaches being taken by localities in regulating wireless placements, and discuss opportunities and risks associated with leasing public property for wireless use – including opportunities and risks associated with permitting placement of wireless facilities on street lights.

Key topics to be discussed:

  • Update on wireless laws and regulations
  • Summary of the current federal regulations governing wireless placement
  • How localities are regulating wireless placement – options and opportunities
  • Guidelines for leasing public property


7 - 9 a.m. (Pacific)

Two formats to choose from:

  • Live Video Broadcast/Re-Broadcast 
  • On-Demand Video
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