Event Apr 08, 2018

Biennial Conference of the Section on Energy, Environment, Natural Resources and Infrastructure Law

International Bar Association

Best Best & Krieger LLP Partner Michelle Ouellette, a Section chair, and Partner Andre Monette will be among the speakers at the International Bar Association’s Biennial Conference of the Section on Energy, Environment, Natural Resources and Infrastructure Law. The SEERIL Conference covers the biggest legal issues and challenges facing the natural resources, energy, mining, oil and power, environmental law, water and international construction industries. 

BB&K Speakers

Michelle Ouellette
"The Emerging New Circular Economy Focused on Using Products in a Closed Loop System"
Michelle moderates this plenary session, which will introduce the circular economy model and bring leaders from the private sector, business, government, nonprofits and international organizations together to explore the evolution of circular business models. This includes incentives and initiatives that enable more sustainable production practices, policies that promote sustainable consumption and experiences of smart cities that are incorporating circular economy policies and targets across sectors including construction, industry and waste management.
Monday, April 9
2:45 - 4 p.m.

Andre Monette
"Cyber Security and Water: Is Our Water Safe?"
As the world becomes more reliant on interconnected, automated systems, the threat of cyber security breaches has emerged as a growing and significant risk for water utilities. Concerns are increasingly being raised regarding deliberate sabotage, ransomware, theft of customer financial information, and failures caused by natural disasters and human error. This panel will discuss these potential risks and how regulators and the water industry are adapting protocols to mitigate them.
Tuesday, April 10
9 - 10:45 a.m.


Lisbon, Portugal

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