Event May 24, 2017

Local Permitting Issues in Wireless Telecommunications, Including SB 649

SANBAG Planning and Development Technical Forum

Best Best & Krieger LLP Partner Gail Karish will present “Local Permitting Issues in Wireless Telecommunications, Including SB 649” at the San Bernardino Association of Governments Planning and Development Technical Forum. Under existing law, most wireless facilities are subject to a discretionary zoning review. As more and more small cell facilities are being installed in public rights of way, providers have been challenging traditional permitting processes and looking to streamline local regulatory reviews. They also have sought access to government-owned infrastructure, such as utility poles, streetlights and traffic lights for these deployments.  During this presentation, Gail Karish will help decipher SB 649 and other local telecommunications issues. SB 649 would provide that a small cell is a permitted use subject only to a specified permitting process adopted by a city or county, if the small cell meets specified requirements, and it would force local governments to allow access to their property inside and outside the public rights-of-way for small cell deployments at regulated rates. 

Wednesday, May 24

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