Event Oct 06, 2016

Ensuring the Financial Health of Your Utility After California's Historic Drought

Rate Workshop Hosted by Raftelis Financial Consultants, Inc.

As agencies recover from a period of reduced water sales revenues as a result of California's historic drought, several questions remain as to what to expect going forward.

RFC is offering workshops to help California utilities learn how to develop sustainable financial plans and prepare for California's next drought. Come learn from industry experts:

  • How to generate sufficient revenue with uncertain sales projections.
  • A step-by-step approach to developing defensible, cost of service-based rates.
  • How to be financially prepared for California's next drought.

These sessions will feature BB&K Partner Kelly Salt, one of California's most well-known authorities on ratemaking law. Kelly works with public agencies on bond and municipal finance matters, rate setting and compliance with Propositions 218 and 26, and drought management and water conservation programs.

$40 early-bird, $50 general admission (early-bird ends September 23 for San Diego, and October 28 for Oakland).

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